Thursday, 12 July 2018

What Would Akshay Kumar Look in a Hockey Film?

After ‘Gold’ poster showed up, we were presented with a new teaser of this intriguing movie. One interesting thing shows up: Akshay Kumar with his unique, nationalistic charm. Even from the teaser alone, we know it would be an interesting one. It fits for everyone, no matter what your background is. It is a perfect movie for everyone looking for a different sports movie. If you are looking for a movie that inspires sports online betting India, this is the movie you are looking for.

The teaser begins with one interesting phrase, asking for the audience to stand up for the national anthem and it continues with the real British national anthem being played and the Union Jack fills the screen. You might question the reason they make the teaser this way, but as it goes on and asks you about how you feel with our country serving the queen for around 2 centuries, it suddenly stops. No more patriotic question. Instead, the only thing you will see is Akshay Kumar, coming out in grim appearance and taking something from his pocket, which appeared to be a Tricolour.

Here comes another interesting part. The teaser continues with “One man’s dream.” Next, you can hear the resounding cry of the famous Vande Matram, followed by the logo of the movie until the teaser ends. It’s short, but very intriguing. As it appears, the teaser rely on Akshay Kumar to deliver the ‘taste of patriotism’ in this movie. It is very interesting because if we speak about sports in India, it can’t exist without a pinch of patriotism.

Before releasing the trailer, the production house sent the trailer to select moviegoers, especially those who watch Race 3 on its first day of release. They all agree that ‘Gold’ is something India has been expecting from a sports movie. Some of them believe that it would be perfect if everyone can watch the movie on August 15 as it is a perfect moment to raise everyone’s patriotic feeling.

With Reema Kagti as the director, Gold offers a unique history of India’s victory in the 1948 Olympic. For your information, this movie is a fiction, not a sports biopic. The movie presents certain moments where we fight to achieve our independence and how that fight affects the life of our sports, mostly hockey. The director even said that the movie itself is not completely about sports. You have to see the movie and judge the value by your own. It is a movie that will help you find the patriotism buried in your heart and once again, grow it. Through the 12 crucial years in our country’s history, you will find the true meaning of being the citizen of India. It touches every aspect of patriotism and delivers it through a unique manner. Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be a historical drama to teach you about patriotism in the real world. 


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