Sunday, 4 June 2017

Watch top Goals in ISL 2017 highlight

Watch top Goals in ISL 2017 highlight - Goals are the soul of football and, therefore, talk about the famous football league ISL cannot be completed without the discussions of goals. In the last season, we saw, Elano Blumer of Chennaiyn FC being the top scorer for the series with 8 goals under his name. Being the top scorer, this player shot some of the best goals of the season.

Wonderful ISL Players Remembered for their Goals:

Apart from Elano Blumer, there were many others who shot quite marvelous goals in the field. The names include John Stiven Mendoza from the Chennaiyn FC, Cavin Lobo of Atletico De Kolkata, and Kerala blasters’ Mathew. Mendy and Diel Peiro are some other noticeable names without which the list remains incomplete. 

Which is the Best Goal in ISL 2017 ?

While there can be no one goal if you talk about the best, every football fan seems to like the different goals. Some tout the goals of Sushant Mathew to be the best while for others Elano Blumer is the undisputed king. Therefore, it is quite tricky to decide which the best goal shot was in the first season.

Who will shot the Best Goal in the ISL 2017 Season?

As the second season of the ISL is going to start by next month, the discussions about the best goal of the season are heating up. Everyone is wishing for their favorite player to shot the goal which is beyond words. The beauty of the goal should be such that leaves you in love with it. Well, it will be too quick to decide who will be the one that will shot the best goal in the ISL season 2017
Football fans are expecting not just one, best goal but a series of such goals in every match. Stay tuned with our website to know valuable information pertaining to ISL. 


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